Utah Pit bull, Shot With An Arrow, Recovering And Owners Come Forward

Utah Pit bull Found Shot With An Arrow Recovering, Owners Have Forward

As The Inquisitr reported this past Saturday, there was a Pit bull that was found badly wounded with an arrow puncturing it.

Twenty minutes from Ivin, Utah, a sergeant with the Washington Country Sheriff’s office found the injured pit bull on old Highway 91. The officer called Ivin animal control officer Aggie Smith to respond to the scene, according to St. George News.

The pit bull known as Sarge, formerly known as Remy, is now recuperating nicely with his new foster family. According to News4Jax, Betsy Kolb and her husband adopted the injured, abandoned pit bull because they were tired of people abusing animals.

I thought somebody has to help this dog, because I’m tired of what people are doing to their animals,” his foster mom, Betsy Kolb, said.

Betsy and her husband are no stranger to tragedy and loss, as their dog Bella has lost her life due to unspecified reasons. They say the pit bull is helping them cope with their loss.

“I see so much of our dog in him. It’s almost like Bella is speaking to me through him. Weird, I know, but that’s how I feel about animals.”

“He’s been a good healing part. Really wonderful,” Kolb said. “But everyday he’s gotten better, now he’s feisty to the point he doesn’t want to take his pills. Not a mean bone in his body.”


The most exciting update to this story comes from St. George News, who has been following this story from the beginning.

After seeing news reports with photos of her former dog, whose real name is Bane, Farnsworth contacted the Ivins Animal Shelter and also talked to Sgt. Kurt Bowen, of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, who found the dog shot and left for dead Friday morning. Farnsworth said she hopes the information she has given Bowen will help lead to the arrest of the person responsible for shooting the 1-year-old pit bull – and that she’ll be able to bring Bane back home to live with her family.”

According to St George News, She adopted her pit bull from a high school grad. that was going off to school and not taking the pit with him. Sadly, when Ms. Farnesworth moved to an apartment, she found out their was a no pit bull policy that forced her to start leaving Bane with a friend.

After the friend decided they and their other dogs did not like Bane the pit bull, Farnsworth was forced to bring her pit bull back home, despite the rules against it. It was not long before another issue crept up on them.

she and her boyfriend were working a lot, she said, and the pit bull got restless in the small apartment and began chewing up furniture and getting into the garbage.

“We worked so much that we didn’t have time to go take him out on walks and things,” Farnsworth said.

Despite her fears that her pit bull Bane could be hurt, knowing the issue of dog fighting with the breed, she chose to give him up for adoption. She chose to give Bane to a soldier and his family, through a Craigslist Ad, who said he had trained pit bulls in the past.

A man answered the ad and said he was a soldier recently returned from Iraq, and that he had trained dogs during his time in the military and would like to bring Bane home to live with his family. “He seemed a nice enough guy,” Farnsworth said. “The dog seemed to like them, and they seemed to like him.”

That was three months prior to the incident that took place merely five days ago. She said she is unaware what, if any, role the soldier had in the injury and abandonment of her pit bull, but she said the fact he has not showed up to pick up the dog “it kind of draws its own conclusion, I guess”.

Currently, Ms. Farnsworth is cooperating with police and have expressed a desire to find the culprit of this savage abuse. Due to change of residence, marriage, and a baby a long the way, Farnsworth feels the new circumstances will prove to allow her more time to dedicate to her pit bull.

Though, she hopes to get her pit bull Bane, formerly Sarge and formerly Remy back, he will remain with the foster family until further notice.

[ Images Via Haily Farnsworth And St. George News]