Jennifer Aniston Reveals Painful Experiences With Cyber Bullying

Jennifer Aniston recently revealed her harsh experiences with cyber bullying, which she says have greatly affected her life outside the movie set. In an interview with the Express, the Friends actress described how online bullying has affected her offline affairs.

Internet rumors have relentlessly plagued Aniston for weeks now, with numerous speculations about the real state of her romantic relationship with fiance Justin Theroux being the primary target. Break-up rumors had been rife, and Jennifer’s vacation in Bora Bora with her fiance actor didn’t help hush the gossip stories at all. After two years of engagement, Jennifer has yet to walk down the aisle, leading fans and haters to speculate on the real deal with her love life.

Online jabs from internet critics may be one of the reasons Jennifer Aniston prefers to stay at home with her fiance, opting out of outdoor activities to keep to themselves inside their L.A. manor. Jennifer confessed:

“You do the best you can but it feels like it’s getting worse and very nasty because of bullying on the internet.”

Jennifer Aniston also expressed her dismay over movie critics, who seem to be taking their jobs too seriously. She lamented on how critics have started to use their reviews to personally hit actors and actresses who appeared in the films:

“Even movie critics don’t just comment on the film, they tear people apart on a human level.”

But Aniston do not let internet trolls ruin what she does best. She is set to appear on Horrible Bosses 2, where she reprises her role as the seductive dentist Dr. Julia Harris. She has also snagged a couple of movie deals for the coming months, one of them being Life of Crime, which was featured at the Toronto International Film Festival. Aniston will also reunite with Marley and Me actor Owen Wilson for a new comedy film entitled She’s Funny That Way.

Aside from movie roles and product endorsements, Jennifer is also expected to appear on Stand Up To Cancer, an hour-long telethon to be featured on 31 different networks this September. The telethon will be hosted by Katie Couric and promises to have a format very different from earlier Stand up telethons.

Jennifer Aniston, who earned more than $30 million last year from numerous films like We’re The Millers, is currently one of the richest and most powerful Hollywood celebrities.

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