Can A Cat Drive A Car? This Woman Claims They Can

Cats may be guilty of being psychopathic pussies who will happily rip the wings of a bird and watch it suffer with a bored expression on their furry faces, but it has to be said, cats can also be pretty cool customers.

Yet was there ever a cat to strut this earth so cool that it could drive a car? Apparently so, if Mrs Raghunath of Delhi is to be believed.

Not only did the motorist claim to witness a fat tabby cat behind the wheel of a car, she also fainted at the shock of seeing the fruity feline rocking down the highway like a whiskey-crazed Jim Morrison.

When did it happen? Last Saturday night allegedly. Where was it spotted? On the Vasant Kunj flyover. And most importantly, what kind of ride was this outrageous pussy rolling? The crazy cat was having it large behind the wheel of a brand new Sedan.

Yahoo! News reported that on Saturday night Mrs Raghunath fainted at the Vasant Kunj flyover after she spotted a rather chubby cat driving a cat.

Mrs Raghunath claims that that the pussy, who was also wearing John Lennon style shades, drove right alongside her before halting at the Vasant Kunj red light.

The disbelieving motorist explained:

“I was heading to the mall and was parked at the red light near the flyover when a stylish new sedan halted next to my car, it looked quite sleek so I was eager to take a peep inside. That is when I noticed its driver… it was a tabby fat cat wearing John-lennon shades! The last thing I remember before I fainted was the cat rolling down his windows – winking at me”

That’s right this cat was so cool it was wearing shades at night, but how did the woman know it was winking at her if the pussy was wearing glasses?

It’s a mystery folks, in a world bursting with them, but what we do know, is that Mrs Raghunath fainted in shock at seeing something that shouldn’t really exist outside of a Walt Disney movie.

Hearing a loud and hysterical shriek, onlookers rushed to the poor woman’s aid, only to find the car was already roaring away.

A fuzzy picture of the cat was captured by a CCTV camera at the red light,and although elements of this story may be too insanely purrrrrrfect to believe, the mystery sedan is apparently real and the tale of the cool cat who can drive a car has taken Twitter by storm.