Think You’re Having The Worst Day? Now You Won’t

Some days aren’t meant to be. Nothing works correctly and mishaps happen with alarming alacrity. Sometimes there isn’t multitude of misfortunes, but a single one that compels you to ask, ‘Why did I get out of the bed today?’ Well, if you are having such a day, these images will certainly help to alleviate your mental burdens and frustrations. Just remember, whenever you are feeling down, there are people who have had such misfortunes.

What Kind Of A Game Is This? It Seems Like A Hazard

Image Credit | Web Park

Portland Has Just One Snow Plow. Sorry. Had

Image Credit | Slightly Warped

What Was The Cow Thinking? Escape Using The Ladder?

Image Credit | Pixifish

Though It Appears The Anchor Must Have Seen Stars, The Ball Missed Her By Millimeters

Image Credit | Acid Cow

That's What Happens When Adults Abuse Park Attractions Meant For Kids. The Timing Of The Photographer Is Impeccable Though

Image Credit | Otherside

Gives A New And Rather Disastrous Meaning To Back-lit Displays

Image Credit | 7 min

The Irony Is The Pack Clearly States 'Lightly Salted'

Image Credit | Epic Pix

A Porcupine Crashed Onto Her Head. Ouch!

Image Credit | The Metapicture

The Guy Was Clearly Trying Hard To Fit In With Such A Dark Tan. Ended Up With A New Pair Of Socks

Image Credit | Big 10 Tens

Icicles Sure Do Form Quickly. The Guilty Will Never Forget To Shut The Sky-Window Ever Again

Image Credit | Iz I Funny

I've Heard Of 'Never Drink And Drive', But This One Cautions, 'Never Drink And Slide'

Image Credit | Buzzsmile

On The Plus Side, She Could Walk Down And Create A Great Trail Of White Footprints. Can't Say The Same About Those Jeans

Image Credit | Ziza

The Dog Either Got Too Greedy For The Cookies Or Was A Tad Bit Too Curious. Either Ways, He Ended Up At The Vet

Image Credit | Wballstien

Many-a-times life serves you lemons. Moreover, it might not be possible to make lemonade every-time. Sometimes its better to simply sit back and let the worse be over. These images serve to remind you aren’t in as bad a situation as you think you are. It’s life and it does have its ups and downs

Feature Image Credit | Boredom Base