Dez Bryant: ‘You Should Never Be Satisfied’

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is one who will take any kind of criticism thrown at him. And with whatever criticism he receives, Bryant hopes he can learn from the mistake or mistakes he made and make himself better for his fifth season of football.

According to a report from ESPN, Dez Bryant caught three passes for 59 yards and one touchdown in a preseason match against the Baltimore Ravens. Following the game, during film sessions, head coach Jason Garrett and receivers coach Derek Dooley called Bryant out on a play in which he went out too wide on a fade route.

Bryant said that if he makes a mistake, he wants to know that he did, and he will do his "best to fix it."

"I've always been that way," he added. "I want to know. I want to know if I'm doing it right or if I'm not."

Dez Bryant also complimented the coaches for being open about the mistake he made, and the other mistakes made by the team.

"They're doing a great job of telling the guys, just being complete, straight-out honest," he said.

In the past two seasons, Dez Bryant has 25 touchdown catches and 2,615 receiving yards. Even though the number of touchdowns ties him for first, and he's sixth in receiving yards, Bryant understands that he still has room for improvement – just like everyone else does.

"You should never be satisfied. Nobody," Bryant said. "Never get comfortable. That's when you start falling downhill."

Dez Bryant With The Amazing Catch

Bryant reiterated that everyone should "always have room to grow."

"I have a lot," he added. "I feel like I have a lot of room to grow."

When asked about his thoughts on having a 2,000-yard season, Dez Bryant said he has "no prediction," according to a report from WFAA.

"I never predict anything," Bryant added. "You all predicted that."

Garrett called Bryant a "pro," and he knows the 25-year-old Pro Bowl receiver "wants to be great."

"He's always been someone who accepts coaching, and he understands it," Garrett mentioned. "The film is a great tool. It doesn't lie, and there's rarely an instance when you as a coach put something up on the screen and say, 'What do you think? You coach yourself.'"

Dez Bryant's rookie contract ends this year. In his five years of being with the Cowboys, Bryant and the team have yet to make it to a playoff game. And he noted that that "bothers" him.

"Of course it bothers me, especially because of how much I love the game," he said. "Not only does it bother me, but it bothers everybody."

In a related report from The Inquisitr, Dez Bryant was fined for a throat-slashing gesture he made after scoring a touchdown against the St. Louis Rams. Even though Bryant apologized to Garrett afterward, he was still fined $7,875 for the gesture.

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