Harvard’s ‘Kilobots’ Just Made Skynet’s T-1000 A Reality, Next Is World Domination!


Earlier on The Inquisitr, we reported on Harvard’s brand new swarm of micro robots known as kilobots. These magnificent miniature robots have taken the tech world by storm. In our initial report, we explained its relatively low cost initiative which includes cheap hardware, how their design and programming is “inspired by nature”, and their ability to perform practical tasks.

Sounds amazing right, but how is this possible? Kilobots are designed to work together to free-form into interesting shapes just to get certain jobs done. This may include transportation of objects or completion of bigger tasks by formations. Not only that, but kilobots are small enough to forage resources and transmit messages too. The below video is just an example of the basics these mechanical wonders are capable of doing. I will however apologize for the monotone voice of the presenter.

Monotone voice aside, these little robots are cool, right? Well, for some people, the kilobot is amazing, but also frightening because Harvard just took initial steps to turning one aspect of a fictitious movie about a future controlled by killer robots into a reality. That’s right! Some people are associating kilobots to the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

According to an article by Epic Internet, they report their admittance of how amazing the kilobots are and how they work as a swarm. In all respects, kilobots have very high potential for good. As a matter of fact, Harvard is encouraging the public to purchase, build, and program these miniature robots… and that is where the possibility of trouble now lies. The article writes a what if scenario as in what if the kilobots are programmed to form a knife, metal bat, or worse, a handgun.

Intrict even stated that world domination is a possibility, despite the fact they used the concept jokingly. Unfortunately, the seed of fear was planted. If a free thinking swarm-like group of micro robots can assemble, what are the possibilities? What do you think the possibilities are? Do you think these robots will be used more for the benefit or disdain of mankind? Do you think the kilobots are the initial steps to a possible T-1000 from The Terminator Franchise? Better yet, do you believe the quote that our technology is exceeding our humanity slowly but surely becoming a reality? Please let us know in the comments below.

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