Lisa Vanderpump Health Scare Revealed, Is She Safe From Danger Now?

Lisa Vanderpump just overcame a health scare that she let everyone in on when she took to Twitter making her announcement of relief. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had a biopsy done recently and reveals that she’s free and clear from cancer.

Vanderpump tweeted:

“Fantastic news I have all clear for all biopsies after having experienced serious skin cancer,I urge you to get tested and hide from sun!”

Lisa kept this to herself for the most part until she learned of her diagnosis. When it comes to cancer scares and the like, a lot of people want to be sure they have something before informing others of it. The idea of worrying others needlessly can be overwhelming in the process.

So, Lisa’s fans are breathing a sigh of relief that their favorite RHOBH star is well.

As Examiner points out, Yolanda Foster has been vocal about Lyme Disease and her struggles with it. Yolanda has allowed Real Housewives cameras to catch her doctor visits and medical procedures. The article also validates Yolanda’s feelings if she thinks Lisa shouldn’t expect support from others while leaving them out of such a major ordeal to begin with. At least Lisa did say something in the end.

Vanderpump and several others in her situation may not want to reveal every detail of their life because they want to avoid that kind of attention — or just plain don’t want to discuss it.

Will this be part of a storyline on season 5 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? A lot of interesting things are about to unfold on the show, according to a good number of spoilers that are already out.

Two newcomers will be on the scene for season 5, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. The two women are anticipated to bring a ton of drama to the show. Since Davidson has been signed, scandalous news about the daytime TV actress is being spread across tabloid headlines. A few weeks back it was reported that Eileen was in a relationship with Jon Voight, and now she’s in the news again for supposedly having an affair with her husband before they married.

All in all, the season will be a memorable one with no shortage of drama that will keep fans talking. Brandi Glanville will meet her match with Lisa Rinna. Rinna has voiced her opinion of Glanville and she thinks she’s something else a lot of times on the show.

[Image via Broke in Beverly Hills]