CNN Anchor’s Suggestion To Control Ferguson Protesters Is Amazingly Stupid! [VIDEO]

Over the past two weeks, the situation in Ferguson, Missouri has increased in both prominence in the news as well as violence. Here on The Inquisitr, we first reported on the Ferguson situation involving Michael Brown about two weeks ago. Since then, we’ve covered a flurry of updates which includes Brown’s friends speaking out on the incident, the situation being handed over to the FBI, and most recently, a witness being charged for a false report.


The Ferguson incident with Michael Brown has grown to such grand proportions that news sites are now expressing their opinions about certain points. For one news channel, an anchor’s suggestion for controlling the Ferguson protesters (along with the Ku Klux Klan, New Black Panther Party, and the Christians in the middle calling for peace) has got to be the most amazingly provocative and stupid suggestion ever.

Below is the video of news anchors Rosemary Church and Errol Barnett reporting on the clash between police and protesters on CNN. Listen to what Church says could be used as a method of controlling protesters.

That’s right! Rosemary Church suggested that the police (primarily Caucasian) use water cannons to control protesters (primarily African American) in Ferguson. The tantamount controversy her words have is best expressed by her co-anchor, Errol Barnett, through his body language. It also doesn’t help Church that Barnett happens to be African American too.

Now in Church’s defense, she is not a natural born citizen of the United States and hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland. If she grew in the place of her birth, there is a high probability that the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t part of their history classes. Therefore, the use of water hoses may seem to be a viable alternative to tear gas. However, she is by now an American citizen and Civil Rights movement questions may be on the citizenship test. But maybe the Civil Rights Movement part of the test is void of the fact that water hoses were used as crowd control at the time.

Unfortunately, the news outlets will not give Rosemary Church any slack as they call her out for her blunder. Blue Nation Review posted up Youtube videos of civil service men (police and firemen) using fire hoses and police dogs on protesting African Americans during America’s Civil Right’s movement. Buzzfeed reported that the news sites aren’t the only ones calling Church’s foul, but people on social media too as exampled below.

It may be that what Rosemary Church said is the most “amazingly stupid” thing to say about this situation, but we want to know what you think. Do you think Church simply didn’t know that fire hoses were used to crowd control African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement? Or do you think she did know and spoke without thinking? Please let us know in the comments below.

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