Get Some Blingage With A Gold-Plated Facial!

A woman getting a gold facial

There have been some unusual beauty trends in the past, especially in the realm of skin facials. We thought we heard it all with reports of people getting bird poop and snail facials.

Items in your kitchen right now are used as a means to get salon-quality smooth skin. Baking soda, lemon juice, tomato juice, honey and cucumbers have all been touted for DIY skin facials.

If you are real daring, consider a skin facial made of urine (yes…urine) as shown on Acne if you have mild to moderate acne. Apparently, it’s great at drying up pimples and blemishes.

However, before you start washing your face in your own bodily liquids, consider another unusual and new facial treatment: gold facials. Yes, made from the actual metal.

The gold skin facial is based on ancient Ayurvedic medicine. The gold is believed to have anti-aging properties as well as the ability to give skin a long-term golden glow.

This type of skin facial is costly and is available in select high-end salons. According to Lifestyle Lounge, the key ingredients to the gold facial include aloe vera, wheat germ oil, sandalwood oil and a cream/gel mixture made with 24-karat gold. It can be used on oily or dry skin.

According to Makeup and Beauty, gold facial treatments come with many benefits: Below are just some of those benefits:

  • Removes toxins and dead skin cells without damaging the skin
  • Helps control pigmentation
  • Improves blood circulation and lymph node drainage in the face
  • Helps to accelerate the process of cell renewal

While some say the gold spa treatment is exclusive, others proclaim you can get the same effect at home. Most of the ingredients for a gold facial can be found in most grocery stores and marketplaces. Lastly, you will need gold foil, which could be purchased at a grocery or arts and crafts store.

But not everyone thinks that the blinged out facial is worth the hype.

Makeup and Beauty quoted Dr. Mohan Thomas of Breach Candy Hospital saying that gold facials have nothing to do with lymph nodes or preventing aging.

“It has been shown that massage aids lymphatic drainage in cases of women with breast cancer. Massaging any part of the body might improve the drainage to a degree, but it doesn’t lead to a delay in the ageing process.”

Any improvement you may see from a gold facial may not have anything to do with the gold itself but more so with the massage a client receives.

According to Us Weekly, celebs like Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio are fans of the blinging facial. Cleopatra herself was rumored to have worn gold adornments on her face while she slept.

If you are dead set on getting some gold slapped on your face, get ready to spend over $1600 for it!