The Internet Reacts To Nicki Minaj 'Anaconda' Video

Nicki Minaj's highly-anticipated Anaconda video was released today, and cyberspace is aflutter with reactions, good and bad, to the racy video.

The Anaconda video, which features Minaj and several other women, contains plenty of skin and booty-bouncing that Inquistr called it a "twerk-fest."

The Daily Beast says "Nicki doesn't just tell us she has a big, fat a** - that would lack craft and subtlety. Rather, she shows us: that spandex clad a** twerking in the jungle, surrounded by a feral pack of similarly well fed **es? That's Nicki Minaj's big, fat a**!"

Nicki Minaj anaconda has social media buzzing
Nicki Minaj Anaconda has social media buzzing.

CBS, citing the sexual content in the video including the lap-dance Minaj performs for rapper Drake, raises a number of questions:

"Is Minaj trying to one-up fellow female rapper Iggy Azalea and her summer hit 'Fancy'? Is the video too racy? Does it empower women or do just the opposite? What about the shock value? And how do you explain it to your children if they come across it?"

Rolling Stone perhaps said it best, calling the video "something from one of Sir Mix-A-Lot's dreams," and noting, "The 'Baby Got Back'-sampling clip also features conspicuously placed bananas to drive home that this, in fact, a sex rap."

Whatever you think of the video, it is the subject of much discussion and will probably have people talking for awhile.

Twittter users are mixed in their reactions - some love Anaconda, some hate it, and some just aren't sure.

The video has already received nearly 8 million views in less than 20 hours, and fans are cheering for it to break the VEVO record.One Tweet even issues a challenge.How long can YOU watch it without going "OMG"?

Image courtesy of MissInfoTV