Amber Portwood: Fresh Out Of Prison, ‘Teen Mom’ Says Staying Sober Is Hard

Amber Portwood: Fresh Out Of Prison, 'Teen Mom' Says Staying Sober Is Hard

Amber Portwood is fresh off a 17-month prison stint, but the former Teen Mom star says staying on the straight and narrow path isn’t all that easy.

The 23-year-old reality star admitted that staying clean is a constant battle

“I didn’t realize when I did get out that I would have even more temptation out here than I would in there,” Portwood told Radar Online. “And I had to prepare myself for that.”

Portwood added that her temptation to go back into drugs kicked in almost immediately after she left prison.

“The first day I was out… it’s whenever things are overwhelming for me, or any sort of emotion — sadness, depression, anything — it is very easy to go back to doing drugs because you don’t want to feel that way,” she said. “You just have to stay strong and remember what you’re doing and move forward.”

Amber Portwood has been working on her overall wellbeing after being released from prison. She immediately went to work trying to lose weight, and Star Magazine reported that she was turning to diet pills to drop some pounds.She also noted that her time in prison helped prepare her for the challenges of being back on the outside, with all its temptations.

“I did 500 hours of rehab classes in prison,” she said. “I was well aware of what was going to happen when I got out. It wasn’t a shock to me. It does bother me on an almost everyday basis but it is starting to get easier.”

Amber Portwood said she plans to tell her life story in an upcoming memoir, Never Too Late.”It’s a brutally honest account of how bad my life got,” Amber told In Touch Weekly, adding: “Addiction. Mental illness. Death. Divorce. Betrayal. Violence. Suicide attempts. Felony charges. Rehab. Drug overdoses and jail.”
Amber Portwood has already been open about her regrets in her life. In an MTV special aired earlier this year, she was heard lamenting the time she lost from her daughter’s life: “I feel so f—ing bad. I left her for so long…I know why she’s acting the way she is. She’s afraid that I’m gonna f—ing leave her again. I just f—ing hate everything I did. It was all the drugs and s–t. It was all I did. All I did was get f—-ed up.”