Zac Efron Single, Michelle Rodriguez Splits With Actor After Summer Fling

Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron have split after dating for about two months. Though the pairing of Zac and Michelle raised many eyebrows, for a number of reasons, it seems a lasting love between these two just wasn't meant to be. It's pretty unlikely all that many people will be terribly surprised.

Us Weekly reports that Michelle Rodriguez split with Zac Efron after a big fight in Ibiza, Spain. Sources for the site claim that Zac "still wants to be with her" and is "very into her," though she wants to do her own thing. Efron, 26, and Rodriguez, 36, were first connected as a couple after photos emerged of them kissing over the Fourth of July weekend.

As the Daily Mail notes, Zac and Michelle went on to party across Europe throughout July and early August, with some time spent together in the States as well. Efron and Rodriguez were last photographed together on Aug. 2 in Ibiza, the trip that seemingly led to the end of the brief relationship. Previous high-profile relationships for these two include Cara Delevingne, for Rodriguez, and of course Efron dated Vanessa Hudgens off-and-on for about four years. Zac and Vanessa, his High School Musicial co-star, split in 2010.

Fans know that Zac Efron has had a pretty rocky year. He had been to rehab, twice, and he had a sketchy situation play out in March when he happened to find himself in a bad area of Los Angeles and a confrontation ensued. Efron also broke his jaw last November and many have worried that his sobriety hasn't been nearly as steady as he's wanted people to believe.

Interestingly, TMZ reported on that last day that Michelle and Zac were photographed together that he was spotted drinking and partying in a bar. In fact, they indicated that their sources revealed that Zac hasn't ever fully stopped drinking and it has continued to be a big problem. His prior two rehab stints were said to be related to cocaine, but it would appear his addictions remain an issue, if these sources and allegations are accurate.

The news that Zac and Michelle have split seems to surprise virtually nobody. There have been blind gossip items floating around the web since day one that this was a poorly orchestrated public relations stint, which would make sense to many who found this pairing to be rather odd and unlikely. Where does Zac Efron head next after this split from Michelle Rodriguez? Despite his challenges over the past year, a lot of fans are rooting for him and hoping that he can find some balance and stability in his life.

[Image via Starpulse]