18-Year-Old Who Raped 91-Year-Old Pensioner In Her Home Showed Her ‘Not One Ounce Of Pity’

An 18-year-old man has been jailed for breaking into the home of a 91-year-old pensioner and raping her.

The accused, Lee-Joseph Dixon, who inflicted the vicious attack on the woman, was apparently on his way home from a party when he broke into the woman’s property.

Newport Crown Court heard how Dixon had no mercy nor pity for his victim, Now he is due to spend at least eight years in jail, and will be added to the sex offenders register in Britain for life.

The victim of the attack was found still shaking and clutching the phone when police arrived at the scene. She had to spend two weeks in hospital recovering from the ordeal before being transferred to a care home as a result of the attack. She will possibly live out her days there.

Prosecuting Kelly Huggins, who said the rape had devastated the pensioner, spoke to reporters about the case:

“Together, we were able to swiftly build a strong prosecution case against Dixon, leading to his guilty plea. While it is right that Dixon has today had to face up to his actions in a criminal court, we should not forget that his reprehensible behaviour has had a devastating effect on his victim. She has understandably found it hard to return to the relatively independent life she had enjoyed prior to this horrific incident and our thoughts are with her.”

The victim’s son also spoke to reporters and said he was surprised that Dixon hadn’t killed his mother after the attack: “We are struggling to come to terms with how a young man can do such an horrific violating act to an old woman in her own home where she is meant to feel safest.”

Another police officer involved in the case, Detective Inspector Stuart Wells of South Wales Police’s specialist crime investigations squad, said the incident was one of the most distressing cases he had ever worked on:

“This was a very serious incident which understandably caused a lot of public concern….an elderly lady suffered a dreadful attack in her own home. This has been a life altering experience but one where the victim and her family have shown remarkable emotional strength in dealing with what happened to her.”

Even though Dixon pleaded guilty to the charges against him he told the court that he was drunk and had no memory of the attack.