George Bush Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Though ‘Not Presidential,’ Passive Jab At President Obama [Video]

Former President of the United States, George Bush, uploaded a video of his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today. The video shows Bush as he was doused with ice water to raise money for ALS research. Before Bush was covered in ice water, he was sure to make a little passive jab at current President Obama. So what was the jab and who did he nominate?

The little poke at President Obama comes after Obama rejects the ALS bucket challenge saying it is not presidential, and he will make a monetary contribution instead. CBS reports that President Obama was challenged by the entire Kennedy family to partake in the viral ALS social media campaign. Ethel Kennedy herself took part in the challenge and was seen dumping a bucket of ice water over her own head. However, instead of covering himself in ice water, President Obama said he will instead make a $100 donation directly to the cause.

George Bush mimics that sentiment in the start of his video saying, he doesn’t feel dumping a bucket of ice water over his head is very presidential. He claims, like Obama, instead he will just write a check. You can then see Bush open his checkbook and begin to write. However, Lara Bush comes from the side of the frame and dumps a large bucket of ice water on George and says she will make the monetary contribution instead.

George Bush is able to complete the challenge, poke at President Obama, and make a monetary contribution to ALS research all in a 48-second video. At the end of the video, Bush says he challenges his friend, Bill Clinton, to the ice bucket challenge.

“Now it’s my privilege to challenge my friend Bill Clinton to the ALS challenge. Yesterday was Bill’s birthday and my gift to Bill is a bucket of cold water.”

Do you think Bill Clinton will participate? Or will Clinton agree that the ice bucket challenge isn’t very presidential?