Christina Aguilera Wanted A 'Unique Name' For Baby Number Two

Christina Aguilera's baby name may be a little odd to some, but she wasn't trying to win the award for most bizarre celebrity baby name of the year. She reportedly wanted something not only different, but something unique.

According to E! News, Christina Aguilera, wanted her daughter to have a unique name, so she got a little creative in the delivery room:

"Christina wanted something different and unique for the baby's name," a source tells E! News. "She loves how Summer Rain Rutler flows together and thinks summer is an amazing time of the year. She has always been a more expressive person and a little bohemian who is inspired by words and daily life."
An earlier report by The Inquisitr stated that the singer and husband Matt Rutler welcomed their new baby girl to the family via C-section on August 16. The couple checked into Cedar Sinai at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning, and those close to the couple said that the birthing process all went according to plan.So besides the urge to be creative, what else inspired Christina to name her baby girl Summer Rain? According to Celebuzz, a source close to the singer and TV personality has been all about her softer side:
"Lately, she has been all about being natural and she's been showing her softer side. Getting so into yoga has kick started her hippie side. She loves it!"
What do fans think of Christina's baby's name? Just check see for yourself:What do you think of the name Summer Rain? Make sure to join the conversation by commenting below!

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