Kim Kardashian Gives 90 Percent Of Charity Auction Proceeds To — Kim Kardashian, Report Says

Kim Kardsahian charirty auction

Kim Kardashian may give a lot of money to charity, but the number one recipient of cash from her eBay charity auctions, according to a recent look at tax records by Radar Online, is none other than Kim Kardashian.

Clearly, while Kim Kardashian is often criticized for having “no talent,” she clearly does have at least one extraordinary talent. That would be a talent for making money. She has marketed her persona — whatever that is — brilliantly, to the point where people who presumably are not anywhere near as wealthy as the reality TV icon will log on to eBay and bid extravagant amounts of their hard-earned cash for her second-hand clothes, and whatever other memorabilia she chooses to sell via the giant online auction site.

By recent estimates, Kim Kardashian’s personal net worth is now $65 million, and she rakes in an income of between $25 million and $30 million per year.

According to the analysis of Paypal tax documents (which can be accessed at this link) carried out by Radar, a chunk of that income comes from her eBay “charity” auctions.

Radar worked backward from the amount received in 2013 by Life Change Community Church, a religious organization founded by Kim’s own mother, Kris Jenner. That figure was $44,917. But Kim herself has said that she donates 10 percent of her earnings to charity, and other money comes out of the total as well.

“When the eBay numbers get broken down, the auction management agency that posts for me gets a percentage for all their hard work,” the 33-year-old said last year. “Then, eBay listing fees, end of auction fees, eBay Store fees, Paypal fees, etc., all add up to about half the sale. Then I give 10% to charity.”

Using that information, Radar calculated that Kim Kardashian pocketed more than $404,000 from her “charity” auctions on eBay last year.

To be fair, Kardashian has also said that she regularly donates 10 percent of all of her income to charitable causes, which a practice known as “tithing.”

“I give 10 percent of all my earnings to charities, not just these eBay auctions,” Kardashian said last year.

The subject of Kim Kardashian‘s charitable giving came up last year when she advertised that proceeds from one of her charitable eBay auctions would be donated to relief efforts for victims of a major typhoon in the Philippines. When it was revealed in the press that Kardashian had pocketed most of the money for herself, she explained that she never planned to give more than 10 percent to charity, as with all of her income.