Is Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Shake It Off’ About Jake Gyllenhaal And Harry Styles?

Taylor Swift just released her newest single, Shake It Off, and some fans have been wondering where the lyrics came from — and if they have any significance in Swift’s life. Since the country star usually sings about her previous relationships, this song must be about someone, right? Well, according to Hollywood Life, Swift penned the lyrics with not one, but two guys in mind. Apparently, Swift’s relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal and her relationship with One Direction’s Harry Styles inspired some of the song’s lyrics.

“Jake was a big inspiration for [‘Shake It Off’] because she totally spun out over him and she wishes she’d been able to shake it off. She wasn’t used to all the head games and lies but now she’s way less naïve.”

“She has a line that is very specific to Harry. When she talks about her ex bringing his new girlfriend that’s Harry [Styles] and Kendall [Jenner].”

Taylor Swift decided to change up her sound — and her look — for Shake It Off. It is the first single that Swift has released that is straight pop and not country. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the catchy song is the first single off of Swift’s new album1989 which will be released on Oct. 27. Although the album hasn’t been heard yet, the anticipation is huge, and fans can’t wait to hear what else Swift has put together — or what other past relationships she might sing about.

“Taylor gets a lot of flack for singing about her exes, but she’s a young girl who has had some pretty turbulent, publicly-analyzed romances — let the girl find some inspiration in those crazy experiences!”

Taylor Swift’s new song made its way to the top of the music charts within 24 hours of its release, surprising Swift herself, who took to Twitter with the following message and photo.


— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) August 20, 2014

Obviously people love hearing Swift’s music, and whether she sings country music or pop music, she is a hit maker. Singing about failed relationships and writing love songs about boys is Taylor’s thing, and it totally works for her.

What do you think of Swift’s new song? Are you surprised to hear that the song is about Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal? Do you think Taylor should stop writing songs with her ex-boyfriends in mind, or do you like her writing style?

[Photo courtesy of Hit Fix]