Man Gets Stuck In Kids' High Chair, Can't Get Out, Hilarity Ensues [Video]

High chair hijinks ensued when a British man got stuck in a kids' chair. He discovered it was a lot easier to get into it than to escape, and his friends couldn't stop laughing as they tried to help.

We've heard of people who get stuck in small spaces, and we have probably been the victim of it at one time. In this case it was most likely a mix of curiosity and the possible influence of alcohol that contributed to this man's dilemma.

The setting was a brightly lit British hotel, according to the décor of the room. The walls were bright red with an almost eggshell ceiling and flood lights, indicating a possibly high dollar resort. Other chairs in the room were the same red as the walls, and the floor was hardwood. The chair itself was the typical round edged wood with a fixed tray in front that lifts. The tray was certainly no help in this situation. The man stuck in the kids' high chair wasn't heavyset either.

The chair was simply too small for him to escape from with any kind of dignity.

We all occasionally do stupid things, but they don't usually happen in places like this with a crowd of guys laughing all around us. It's unknown why the British man decided to put himself in the usual piece of furniture, but it could have been a bet or just a bad idea.

As the man and his friends tried to figure out how to get him out without simply breaking the chair or dismantling it in front of the bar, one even joked, "You're underage."

They eventually convinced him to take his jeans off, revealing that there weren't any embarrassing "obstacles" in the way. It is unknown how the British man got free of the kids' high chair, but it was certainly entertaining watching him try.

[image via YouTube]