Like Pharrell’s ‘Happy’? You’ll Like It Even More In Sign Language

If you’re a fan of Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” – and who isn’t? – prepare to get even Happy-er after watching these deaf teenagers’ interpretation of the song in American Sign Language (ASL).

According to Huffington Post, this new interpretation was filmed at Deaf Film Camp, a yearly camp for deaf and hard-of-hearing teenagers interested in film-making. Performance artist Rosa Lee Timm and sign language interpreter Azora Telford helped the teens put their own spin on “Happy.”

According to its website, Deaf Film Camp “is a two-week, summer experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing teens looking to pursue a filmmaking career.” The site of the camp is upstate New York, and brings in deaf workers in the film-making industry to share their craft with the teens.

This isn’t the first time Deaf Film Camp has had the teens make a YouTube video; last year, they did a sign language interpretation of OneRepublic’s “Feel Again,” also with the help of Azora.

The “Happy” video, which as of this post has just over 50,000 views, is making users plenty Happy as well. In addition to hundreds of “Likes,” it’s generating plenty of encouraging comments.

User Wayne Federigan posted:

“This makes me want to learn sign language.”

And user DB Bourgeois said:

“What a magical rendention ‘Happy’! I hope Pharrell sees this.”

For what it’s worth, the video hasn’t yet been mentioned on Pharrell’s Twitter feed, although he does seem to show an interest in children and education.

Congratulations to the students who graduated from the @FromOneHand Summer Innovation Camp! I’m so proud of you.

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Image courtesy of: The Hollywood Reporter