Stephanie Jacobsen To 'NCIS': A New Partner Ahead For DiNozzo, Perhaps Romance Too?

There's a new partnership ahead for Agent DiNozzo, as news of Stephanie Jacobsen's NCIS gig this fall would indicate. Could her role become one of not only being a new partner, but possibly a love interest? It's sounding that way, and fans are intrigued.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Stephanie Jacobsen's NCIS character, FBI Special Agent Leia Pendergast, will begin airing in October. The description of Pendergast indicates that she is "Armed but feminine, sexy and single, cool and confident." The description also indicates that she is "flirtatious and adventurous with a sense of humor."

This character will turn out to be a former U.S. Marshal who is now an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force leader. It seems she'll be assertive and someone who is not afraid to take control and let people know what she thinks. TVLine adds that the role for Stephanie Jacobsen on NCIS is "potentially recurring." While there's no word yet on just how long she'll be around, it's clear that the show has big plans for her.

Apparently Tony and Leia come together when they have to investigate a terrorist threat. Does their partnership move beyond the case? That's what many are already buzzing about, and it seems perhaps Ziva's departure has been given enough time that fans will be ready to embrace a new romantic interest for DiNozzo. NCIS boss Gary Glasberg says that last season was about DiNozzo working through Ziva's departure and now "It's time for Tony to continue to grow a little bit."

Will fans be ready for this? Many Ziva fans are still upset over Cote de Pablo's departure, and many likely won't be quick to embrace any new romantic possibilities for Tony. However, Glasberg says, "We'll be mature about it and handle it properly, and Michael's excited about it." Fans love Michael Weatherly's work as Tony, and hopefully they'll keep an open mind about this development.

Stephanie Jacobsen's NCIS role is just the latest for the actress, and many will recognize her from other shows. She played Niko Takeda on Revenge, and she played Lauren Yung on Melrose Place. Jacobsen also played Jesse Flores on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and most recently was in the role of Eva Benton on Star-Crossed.

Season 12 of the show premieres on Sept. 23 on CBS. While Stephanie Jacobsen's NCIS role won't come into play until a bit later this fall, fans are anxious for new episodes and can't wait to get started with the new season.

[Image via Entertainment Weekly]