June 29, 2017
WWE News: Photo Of Worn-Out Looking Undertaker Surfaces, Status For WrestleMania 31 Uncertain?

Since WrestleMania 30, the Undertaker's status for WWE WrestleMania 31 has been in constant question. In a previous report on the Inquisitr, there was concern for Undertaker's health following his first-ever loss at WrestleMania 30 against Brock Lesnar. He took major beating that night at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

"The last we had heard, which was, I don't know what a month or two ago, it feels like a bit over a month ago, Undertaker was saying that he did not expect to ever wrestle again, but he didn't rule it out 100%, he just didn't expect it."
Since WWE's inclusion of Sting in their future plans, he has been very adamant on wrestling the Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. In numerous interviews, specifically one that What Culture! covered recently, Sting just wants one more match.
"Sting has been very vocal over the SummerSlam weekend that he wants to wrestle The Undertaker. "He's pushed it hard in every interview," states Dave Meltzer on wrestling observer radio."
The unfortunate part about the scenario is that Undertaker looks to be in very bad health. In a recent picture on Twitter, two young girls got to meet the Deadman and his appearance speaks for itself. WWE might have a hard time luring Taker back into the squared circle.


Ending his WrestleMania winning streak was a decision that the Undertaker clearly made on his own. Nobody in their right mind would have told the Deadman that his WrestleMania streak would end. Even Vince McMahon or Triple H wouldn't have the guts to do that. Undertaker has been a very important piece of that locker room for over 20 years and nobody will ever replace his star power and aura to the fans. Few think he can ever be replaced.


Lesnar and Paul Heyman were the two that Undertaker chose to end the illustrious streak. That wasn't a popular idea, but now Lesnar is the hottest WWE superstar to date. He will be carrying the company for the next few months and the ratings are higher than ever before when he is on-screen. The numbers aren't out yet, but social media insinuates that to be true.

Many WWE legends think Taker earned the right to retire with his streak intact. Stone Cold Steve Austin was just one of the wrestlers who thought the streak was so special that it should have remained unbroken. However, what is done is done, and all the matters now to the Undertaker is his wife and little daughter. Today, he is a family man, and the WWE Universe needs to respect that. If Undertaker never wrestles again, then his memories will withstand time. WWE will never forget or replace the Undertaker and neither should you.

Thank You, Undertaker for a lifetime of guts and glory. Whatever you decide, the fans are with you. You are truly one of the greatest wrestlers to ever set foot in the ring.

[Image via WWE.com]