Woman Opens Car Boot And Discovers Something That’ll Give You Nightmares

When 23-year-old British nursery worker Charlie Wise picked up a second-hand Volkswagen Golf car for a few hundred dollars on ebay, she was over the moon with her bargain ride.

Yet little did the unsuspecting car enthusiast realize that lurking within the boot of that second-hand motor was the sort of something which nightmares are made of.

Let’s be honest. Car boots have long taken centre stage in many a grisly tale and horror flick. It’s where the butcherer keeps the body, it’s where the killer keeps his guns, and it’s where the dealer keeps his drugs.

If a person’s got anything untoward, embarrassing, sinister, or outright illegal going on in their life, then chances are, at one time or another, they’ve kept it in the car boot.

However, most people tend to check their boots before they sell their car, even if it’s to make sure there’s no incriminating blow-up dolls, drug paraphernalia or Barry Manilow CDs still in there to send a soul’s good name to damnation for all of eternity and beyond.

So when Mrs Wise opened up the car boot on her recently purchased Volkswagen car to check out the sort of space she was rocking back there, she didn’t expect to come face to face with, wait for it, a huge boa constrictor snake.

That’s right folks! The three foot long serpent was just chilling in the car boot and enjoying a little bit of down time. After all when you’re universally renowned as an eternal symbol of ancient evil, it’s important to take a break every now and then.

The Daily Mirror reported that Mrs Wise and her husband Guy initially thought the coiled up reptile was a cuddly toy, but when the married couple saw the snake flick it’s tongue, they slammed that car boot firmly shut and ran away.

Mrs Wise explained:

“I bought a car, come home to clean it out to find a huge live snake in the boot. It’s huge and scary. We screamed and slammed the boot.”

Fortunately, a friend of Mrs Wise slithered to the rescue and wrapped the snake in a towel and took it to a nearby reptile centre.

Demanding to know how the Boa had ended up in her car boot, Mrs Wise contacted the car seller Christopher Morrison, of Bracknell, Berks, who informed her the Boa was his but he had lost it two months ago and had no idea it was in the car boot.

The 29-year-old roofer and reptile collector explained he was moving the snake in a cage to a friend’s house when it vanished.

The snake’s owner said:

“I lost it a couple of months ago. I did have it in a cage and was moving it to my mates. It got out. I checked everywhere. I had ripped that car to pieces. I thought it must have got out. I wouldn’t leave it.”

His heavily pregnant girlfriend, Sammi Larkins, who co-owned the car, added:

“We wouldn’t have sold it if we thought it was in there.”

The expression, ‘as slippery as a snake’ certainly springs, or should that be slithers, to mind.