Wake Up Earlier For A Happier, Healthier Life [Study]

James Johnson

Sleeping until noon might feel great when you first wake up but the effects of late day sleeping could actually be wreaking havoc on your body, leading to a decline in your overall health and possibly ending in a shortened lifespan.

According to a new study people who get out of bed on average at 6:58am feel better and do better at work, while showing less signs of developing depression, stress and even weight problems.

According to one of the studies researchers:

"Morning people tend to be healthier and happier as well as having lower body mass indices."

On researcher tells UK newspaper the Telegraph:

"Maybe morning types are just better suited to this industrial world we are in than late risers."

If you're an early waking person let us know if you feel that more gets done when you don't get that extra hour of sleep. I personally find myself staying up late nights just to be more productive.