Prominent Christian Singer Comes Out Of The Closet As Gay! Who Is It?

Jan Omega

As of this year, there have been numerous revelations pertaining to the artists in the Christian music genre. Though traditional artists such as Amy Grant, Laura Story, and Hillsong still utilize classic Gospel hymns, there are other artists who aren't so traditional. Lacrea innovated Christian hip hop/rap. Skillet and Flyleaf are mainstream acts which are considered Christian rock. Finally, tobyMac mixes up his Christian music repertoire from upbeat techno sounds ("Me Without You") to soulful proclamations ("City On Our Knees").

Nevertheless, Christian singers deal with the same trials and tribulation just like everyone else, but certain movements in our nation has given motive for some Christian musicians to expose their hidden truths. For example, here on The Inquisitr, we reported that all but one of the members of the band, As I Lay Dying, are atheists.

Now, there are reports that another prominent Christian singer has exposed a hidden truth, and it isn't atheism. Instead, this Christian singer came out of the closet as gay.

According to The Independent, Vicky Beeching admitted to being a lesbian during an interview with the website. Prior to this, there has been no other public announcement of her sexual orientation. The only people in her life that knew of this were her closest friends and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The question is what makes Vicky Beeching's case so special among the Christ following community. Didn't Demi Lovato - a self-proclaimed Christian and popular singer - come out in support of the LGBT movement? Didn't As I Lay Dying - a band proclaimed and recognized as Christian - announce they were atheists (except for one)?

The key factor that makes Vicky Beeching's revelation so important is not the fact that she is a Christian rock singer, but she is one that actually sings about Jesus Christ. There are numerous songs in which she does literally sing the name of Jesus Christ in a worship kind of way, as exampled in the video below. Demi Lovato doesn't exactly have a song that glorifies Jesus Christ. The same can be said for As I Lay Dying.

In Charisma News, Vicky Beeching opened up about many things, including coming out and what she's doing after coming out. Despite her sexual orientation, she believes God will love her just the way she is. This is confirmed in a statement when she said the following:

"What Jesus taught was a radical message of welcome and inclusion and love. I feel certain God loves me just the way I am, and I have a huge sense of calling to communicate that to young people."
"It takes work to assess the historical context of verses—like when Paul said 'women should be silent in church.' When we look at their historical context, and assess the original language they were written in, some of these verses they make sense in a completely different way than they do from a first scan."

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