Everyone Loves Pizza! Here Are Some Secret Tips And Tricks To Make You Love Pizza Even More

Do you love pizza? Come on, who doesn’t love pizza, which in our humble opinion is the most perfect food ever invented. We’re not even exaggerating. A recent survey found that 90 percent of people love pizza — and the other 10 percent are liars!

Okay, we made up that part about the survey. But there’s no disputing that pizza is one of the most popular dishes that currently exists. But did you know there are any number of different ways to eat pizza? Do you fold each piece? Eat with a knife and fork? Either way is valid.

Sometimes you may even want to slide the toppings off the pizza and eat them separately. Whatever makes your pizza the best for you, well, that’s okay.

But in this video, from our pizza-loving pals at BuzzFeed, we bring you seven tricks and tips to enhance your enjoyment of your favorite food. Some of these way may have thought of, but most are revelations. We can’t to try the one about reheating cold pizza in a waffle iron. And there’s a special secret that will let you microwave your leftover pizza, and have it still taste fresh.

We earlier brought you an expert’s opinions on the best frozen pizza. In this video, we’re talking about the real deal — fresh pizza from your favorite local pizza joint. We’re here to help you make that pizza even better.

[Image Marcel Jancovic / Shutterstock]