Honeymoon: Cancun Chosen As Top Destination, Plus How To Be Safe

Honeymoons in Cancun is the top destination for honeymoon couples, PR Newswire reports today. With its beautiful beaches, spectacular views and impressive hotels, a couple spending their honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico, can make for a wonderful beginning to a loving marriage. American couples have been spending their honeymoons in Mexico since the mid 1980’s.

Today, some say Cancun is an excellent choice for a honeymoon, with many hotels offering a complete all-inclusive wedding package, including drinks, food and hotel rooms. Included too, in many Cancun honeymoon packages are activities such as deep sea fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and a host of sports, according to USA Today.

When planning or thinking about your honeymoon, be sure to give some thoughts on ways to stay safe. The honeymoon is such a happy and joyous occasion that often times a couple doesn’t think about how to protect themselves while on the honeymoon. While traveling out of the country for a honeymoon or destination wedding can be thrilling, sexy and romantic, it can also be dangerous—as the following honeymoon horror stories indicate.


In 2003, 29-year-old honeymoon bride Melissa Lerner was struck by lighting as she exited the lagoon off the coast of Playa Del Carmen, a beautiful location near Cancun, Mexico. Her devastated groom had just bent over to put on his shoes, when his wife was struck as she walked toward her lounge chair to pick up her towel. Husband Damon Lerner had this to say.

“There was the most almighty thunder clap I have ever heard. It knocked me over and when I got up, Mel was on the floor, out cold.I started screaming and shouting, and other people appeared and were trying to resuscitate her, but I could see she was gone. Then it started raining and raining. I felt so cold and so lonely.”

Several balcony deaths were also reported in 2004. Weak hotel balconies had caused so many tourist deaths that several advisories were issued encouraging patrons, spring breakers and honeymoon couples to take precautions when on hotel balconies.

Honeymoon couples have also heard horrible tales of people being robbed, kidnapped and killed while vacationing or honeymooning in Mexico. Over the years, Americans have been advised to stay out during certain seasons as it was deemed unsafe due to Mexican drug cartels. And while some believe it is best to adhere to those warnings, many couples, including honeymoon couples say that being in Cancun and other parts of Mexico is completely safe.


“Resorts have high security. as long as you stay in the resort and in the touristy areas, you have nothing to worry about, just stay aware of your surroundings as you would in any unfamiliar area,” stated one Weddingbee forum poster.

According to Honeymoon And Vacations website, and as previously stated in Inquisitr, here are some ways to stay safe on your honeymoon when traveling out of the country.

Stay in a tourist district, keep aware of your surroundings, don’t venture off into non-tourist areas, dress modestly and appropriately so that you don’t attract to much attention. Lastly, a honeymoon couple should always carry their passports.

With that aside, happy honeymooning!