Watch Ansel Elgort Sext In Jason Reitman’s New Film Trailer

The first trailer to Jason Reitman’s newest film Men, Women & Children has been released, showing Ansel Elgort communicating solely through text messages with the girl he likes.

Reitman, famous for his films Juno and Up In the Air, is examining our technology-obsessed society that operates primarily through texts and online interactions. MTV reported on the trailer, claiming the film starring Ansel Elgort from The Fault In Our Stars tackles the traditional movie trope “everyone has a secret” in a new and modern way.

You can watch the official teaser trailer to Men, Women & Children in the video below and see Ansel Elgort try out this new-fangled “sexting” thing that all the kids are doing:

The story seems to center around Ansel Elgort’s character, a high school teenager who builds a relationship almost solely through the use of a smart phone. Meanwhile, Ansel Elgort’s parents (played by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Garner) have some virtual secrets of their own. The trailers shows Elgort’s mom and dad looking for extra-marital relationships via the internet and phones.

Reitman’s new film could paint a dark picture of the future, where human interaction is reduced to digital apps and programs. MTV observed that Ansel Elgort and the other characters in the film are definitely feeling real love, but they aren’t sure how to communicate those feelings. Maybe Men, Women & Children is simply a new way to examine the romantic lives of teenagers like Ansel Elgort and adults unsatisfied with married life. We’ll have to wait until the movie is released, or at least until we can see more of Ansel’s sexting attempts in the full length trailer.

According to Up & Comers, Ansel’s next big role will premiere at TIFF next month. A limited release of the film will hit select theaters on October 3 and an expanded release on October 17.

Ansel Elgort will likely bring some much-needed star power to Reitman’s new film, especially after the success of The Fault In Our Stars. Reitman’s comedies, Juno and Up In the Air were big hits, but his recent drama Labor Day didn’t reach the same size audience. Fans of The Fault In Our Stars will know that Ansel Elgort is no slouch in the drama department. Elgort caused thousands of movie-goers to shed tears across the globe this summer.

But Ansel Elgort doesn’t need to resort to sexting in real life. Ansel has had a steady girlfriend for awhile now, and she’s a ballet dancer. Read more about her and Ansel’s relationship here.