Albuquerque Robber Forces Victim To Watch Him Shave And Shower

An Albuquerque robber is accused of forcing his victim to watch him shave and shower. Rudy Chavez, age 43, was eventually arrested on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery. However, authorities are still perplexed by the man’s bizarre behavior.

On the evening of August 13, Chavez broke into the home of 94-year-old Glen Miller. According to the complaint, the suspect walked into the sleeping man’s bedroom and held a gun to his head. When Miller opened his eyes he was stunned.

Chavez explained that he had no money or resources, as he was recently released from prison and could not find a job. At some point, Miller reportedly attempted to contact authorities. The suspect then “grabbed him by the arm” and proceeded to drag him throughout the house.

As he traveled from room to room, Chavez gathered numerous items — including the victims television. The Albuquerque robber then decided he needed to shave and shower. As he wanted to keep a “watchful eye” on Miller, he forced him to watch his grooming ritual.

As reported by Albuquerque Journal, the suspect proceeded to shave, brush his teeth, and shower. He eventually got dressed — in an outfit stolen from Miller’s closet — and fled the scene in the elderly man’s vehicle.

Police Lt. Paul Szych said the Albuquerque robber left plenty of fingerprints on Miller’s “shaver and a bottle of mouthwash.” Detectives used the prints to identify Rudy Chavez as their primary suspect. The elderly victim confirmed their findings, as he recognized Chavez in a photo line-up.

As reported by ABC News, the Albuquerque robber was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, larceny, robbery, and theft of a motor vehicle. At the time of his arrest, Chavez had two active warrants for a shooting — which took place earlier the same evening.

It is unclear whether anyone was killed or harmed during the shooting. However, the suspect is currently being held on $100,000 cash bond.

Lt. Szych admits the robber’s decision to shave and shower in front of his victim was unusual. Thankfully, the evidence left behind led to an eventual arrest:

“It certainly benefited us in this case. It gave us an enhanced opportunity to identify him and subsequently arrest him… That was a key component to the case.”

Although Glen Miller was frightened by the experience he was not seriously harmed. Authorities have not disclosed why the Albuquerque robber was previously incarcerated or whether he forced his prior victims to watch him shave and shower.

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