Ferguson: Michael Brown Funeral On Monday, Grand Jury Could Convene Tomorrow

The family of Michael Brown will hold a public memorial service in Ferguson on Monday. The relatives hope that his body will be released to them in the next two days. The body of Mike Brown had reportedly been sent to a local funeral home but was transported away for a series of three autopsies. Details about the funeral of Mike Brown remain unclear, likely due to the unknown date of release of the teenager’s body.

An online memorial fund for Michael Brown was set up by the family’s attorneys. The account now reportedly contains $90,000. The funds will reportedly be used to cover Mike Brown’s funeral expenses and living and travel expenses as relatives “advocate for justice” on his behalf.

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch will be overseeing the Michael Brown case and determine whether or not Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson should face criminal charges. A grand jury could be seated as early as tomorrow, local KSDK 5 reports.

Ferguson residents are now in the midst of a voter registration push. Only six percent of black adults living in the neighborhood where Michael Brown was shot by police officer Darren Wilson, are currently registered to vote, according to NPR. Community activists are pointing out to Mike Brown’s neighbors that the Ferguson mayor is white, as are five of the six city council members.

NPR reporter Elise Hu, had this to say about the Ferguson riots last night:

“What had begun as a calm evening and a standoff between cops and some demonstrators turned in a flash, and smoke bombs and tear gas were thrown at the crowds to disperse the crowd. The crowd started rushing back. I happened to see the smoke bombs or tear gas being thrown in both directions because some of the demonstrators actually picked up what was thrown at them and threw them back at police.”

Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson told the media that law enforcement officers did not fire a single shot during the Ferguson riots, despite “coming under heavy attack.” The local man also added, “These criminal acts came from a tiny minority of lawbreakers. But anyone who has been at these protests understands that there is a dangerous dynamic in the night. It allows a small number of violent agitators to hide in the crowd and then attempt to create chaos.”

What do you think about the Ferguson riots? Will Michael Brown’s funeral and a grand jury proceeding help create calm or more violence and looting?

[Image Via: Twitter]