Ice Bucket Challenges Gone Horribly Wrong

Ice bucket challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has soared into the stratosphere on the wings of a great cause and friends challenging one another to dump a bucket of ice water on their head.

Particularly over the past week, anyone with a Facebook account has seen their page inundated with people doing the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Men, women, children, entire families. In fact, if not for its great cause of raising money and awareness to fight the horrible ALS disease, those that think the Ice Bucket Challenge is stupid might have gained more support by now.

As it is though, the Ice Bucket Challenge remains strong and growing, with the traditional ice water pouring on one’s head, accompanied by some screams and occassional overly dramatic reactions, and twists on the stunt, including Charlie Sheen‘s dumping 10 grand on his head for ALS.

But what if you’re like many of those out there who have not yet been “challenged” to dump a bucket of ice water on your head? Feeling left out? Scorned? On the outside looking in?

Well, fret not! You may have avoided disaster and/or injury as the following clips illustrate when ALS Ice Bucket Challenges go horribly wrong!

In fact, that’s what this first one is titled, with “FAIL” tagged on to the end for good measure, as one lovely young lady’s Ice Bucket Challenge goes awry. Fortunately, posted along with the clip is the news that, “reports say she suffered a mild concussion and will make a full recovery.” Let’s watch!

Ouch, but glad she’s reportedly okay. This next one might be good for gyms to use in their advertising. This kid might benefit from some weight training:

This next one, culled from, goes kind of the way of the first young lady. However, this enterprising chap put on a football helmet for his ice bucket challenge. Judge for yourself whether you think it helped or not:

In this next Ice Bucket Challenge, we’re reminded that it’s not always just the poured upon facing risk:

This apparent sorority sister has a big build up, but again strength issues lead to failure:

This pirate lover surely made her kid walk the plank after this ill-fated ice bucket challenge. Arrrgh!

Again, just poor execution:

And last, but definitely least, this gentleman who thinks he can just do the ice bucket challenge with a “regular cup” because his “head is big.” Really? Come on, brother! This is ALS so you gotta step your game up!!!

Images and video via YouTube