John Cena; On The Outside Looking In?

The last time John Cena fought Brock Lesnar was in 2012. Cena won, barely.

The rematch for the World’s Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam 2014 this past Sunday marked a turning point, but for a much different reason, according to Bleacher Report. In this bout, Cena was completely dominated, save for a few signature Cena moves, for almost all of the 20-minute match. In the previous bout, Lesnar dominated Cena, but not for nearly as how long as at Summerslam. Lesnar was able to land 16 German suplexes during the match. Cena was beaten thoroughly. Could this mean a changing of the guard at the WWE?

The next night, on WWE Monday Night Raw, Lesnar and manager Paul Hayman appeared to boast about their victory. Surprisingly, there was no sign of Cena to push for a rematch. When things like this happen in the WWE, it usually means a changing in popularity for their top-tier talent.

The question now becomes, does Lesnar take the title and run, will Cena make a comeback, or will a new champion arise?

According to SB Nation, the current storyline of liking Cena and hating Lesnar is backfiring on the WWE. The crowd seemed split on Cena 50-50 before the Championship match. And, when Lesnar ended the Undertaker’s unbeaten streak at Wrestlemania, Lesnar wassupposed to be the new bad guy. However, that hasn’t happened. So, the WWE may be in for some changes.

The biggest question mark in all of this is Cena. No one is really sure where he fits in with the latest Championship Belt contenders, if at all. He has been the focus for the WWE for a little more than 10 years now. The Rock gave us a glimpse, but was gone soon after. Lesnar is a returning WWE Champion. CM Punk has been drummed out of the WWE, and Randy Orton is a part of the Authority now. The people are wondering if there is any of the “new blood” (Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, etc.) who will take that role?

From all indications, it will be either Cena or Lesnar. Even though Cena got his hat handed to him at SummerSlam 2014, he has time and again proven resilient. But, is that what the WWE fans want to see now? Or, do they want to see Lesnar become the new face of the company? One thing is for certain; unless Lesnar slips and stumbles, Cena may be outside the glass house looking in and not finding a doorway.

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