Illegal Immigrants Boycott Threatened In North Carolina

Illegal immigrants are putting a major strain on public resources, according to Surry County, North Carolina officials. The county is threatening to boycott products from the home countries of the illegal aliens if the federal government does not do something to stem the wave of border crossings.

Surry County Commissioner Larry Phillips said the North Carolina region is sending a message to both politicians in Washington, D.C. and leaders in Central America. “Enforce human trafficking laws or face potential boycott of your products in North Carolina,” Commissioner Phillips said. The resolution introduced by the local leader was sent to Embassies in Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Congress.

Commissioner Phillips also had this to say about the problems he feels illegal immigrants pose to the community:

“We are on the bottom of the political food chain. We don’t have a lot of leverage. So we’re trying to use what leverage we have to speak to our federal legislature. I think the federal government’s refusal to enforce federal immigration laws in this nation has probably reached a boiling point.”

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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, approximately 60,000 illegal immigrants have entered the United States so far this year. According to government reports compiled by Pew, about one-third of the illegal immigrants are unaccompanied minors. A significant portion of the unaccompanied children are reportedly tween and teen boys. Concerns about MS-13 gang member teens and young men claiming to be minors, have been voiced both by Border Patrol agents and some elected officials.

North Carolina Governor Pay McCrory estimates that 1,500 unaccompanied children have arrived in the state. “The question is how many of the minors are in Surry County? We don’t know,” Commissioners Phillips said. A vote on the illegal immigrants boycott resolution will be taken at the next Surry County Commissioners meeting.

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A Federation for American Immigration Reform report indicates that there are currently about 410,000 illegal immigrants in the states. The statistics indicates a 6.5 percent rise from 2007. Illegal aliens comprise approximately 4.3 percent of the total population in North Carolina. The national average of illegal alien populations in a given state is about 3.9 percent. North Carolina currently ranks as the 11th most illegal immigration impacted states in America.

The same report also states that taxpayers in North Carolina cover a $2 billion per year bill for the resources used by illegal immigrants. According to the published findings, the tax bill amounts to about $578 per household. Half of the taxpayer expenses stem from the cost of public education for illegal immigrant children coming across the border and those born to illegal alien parents.

What do you think about the North Carolina illegal immigrants boycott?

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