Jaycee Chan Arrested In Beijing Drug Bust, Could Face Three Years Behind Bars

Jaycee Chan, the 32-year-old son of actor Jackie Chan, has been arrested in possession of a large amount of marijuana in Beijing, China. Under Chinese law he could face up to three years in jail.

Jaycee, who followed in his father’s footsteps and is also an actor, was caught along with his buddy, 23-year-old Kai Ko, also a high profile actor from Taiwan, during a police raid in the Dongcheng district where they live.

The state run China Daily reported that as well as both men being found with traces of marijuana on them, 100 grams was found in Chan’s apartment during a search. Chan was accused by the police of “hosting others to take drugs.”

To make their point loud and clear, state run Chinese TV aired CCTV footage of Chan showing police where the drugs were stashed at his home while Ko can be seen making a tearful apology on camera. Ko said:

“I very much regret about what happened. I’m very sorry to those who support me, like me or even know me personally. I just want to tell them I’m really sorry. I’ve set the worst example, which had the most terrible influence. And this is a huge mistake.”

CNN reported yesterday that the men are being seen as targets of Beijing’s current anti-drugs campaign, which has seen more than 7,000 people detained for using drugs, according to the China Daily.

A number of high profile arrests of celebrities have also taken place recently including the arrest of actor Zhang Mo and singer Li Daimo, who was actually sentenced to nine months in jail for hosting a crystal meth party at his home.

Jaycee Chan’s father, Jackie Chan, has been an active campaigner against drugs for many years and was even named an anti-drugs ambassador in China in 2009.

Jackie Chan’s high profile does not bode well for the outcome of the court case against his son, Jaycee Chan.