’13 Cat Videos That Justify The Internet’ May Be The Best YouTube Collaboration Ever [Video]

'13 Cat Videos That Justify the Internet' celebrates our furry favorite things

A new video titled “13 Cat Videos That Justify The Internet” has hit the web from YouTube Nation. This may be the end-all of viral videos as it features our favorite fuzzy felines from the past and puts them conveniently together.

The first video in the collaboration is “Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat,” which starts out exactly as you might expect. The star of this part is just adorable as a regular cat enters the scene, hisses at it, and proceeds to smack the hat off the little guy.

The next entry is “Excuse Me…” and starts with a cat on the couch as another cat attempts to sneak up the side, sees the cat already there, and then starts climbing back down.

Number three on the list of “13 Cat Videos” is “Surprised Kitty.” This is the one where a kitten practically attacks its owner’s hands when it isn’t holding it paws out in what appears to be surprise.

Fourth on the list is “The Original Grumpy Cat,” where the iconic cat who inspired one of the most popular memes in recent years is simply getting affection.

Number five is “Paw De Deux,” which takes more of an artsy approach to the idea. The narrator speaks from the cat’s perspective as it goes about its day, though with a French accent. Thankfully there are English subtitles.

Sixth on the list is “Cat Jump Fail,” which uses a clip of music from Awolnation as the cat sneaks around some linens and attempts to leap to another window, only to fall straight off.

The seventh video is called “Nononono Cat.” The furry little guy in this one simply meows in a way that makes it sound like he’s saying “no” over and over.

Number eight on the list of “13 Cat Videos That Justify The Internet” is “Leaf Blower Kitten Rescue.” For most of this one, you don’t even see the kitten, and then as it’s turned on the kitten pops out.

The ninth on the list comes from the famed cartoon Simon’s Cat, “Hot Water.” The cartoonist depicts a cat going out of its way to ruin his life, and in this case while he’s taking a shower.

You’ll have to watch the rest of the video to see them all, but these “13 Cat Videos” will entertain you to the end this “Caturday.” Which one did you like most?

[image via YouTube]