Braxton Miller To Miss Ohio State’s 2014 Season With Shoulder Injury

Braxton Miller and Ohio State got disappointing news on Tueday afternoon as reports have surfaced that Miller will miss the entire 2014 season after suffering another injury to the quarterback’s shoulder.

This latest hit is just another in what has been an injury plagued career for the Buckeye signal caller and this particular injury could mean not only is his 2014 season over but his college football career has come to an end as well.

ABC News first reported that QB re-injured his throwing shoulder during practice and the Washington Post is now reporting he will indeed miss most if not all of this season.

Miller going down is a huge setback both for his future personally and for Ohio State as a team. After having to miss some of the 2012 season due to an injury, Miller put together a solid season in 2013.

This year, Braxton Miller was considered a darkhorse Heisman candidate. The quarterback is known as being a true dual threat on the football field with a strong arm and the ability to scramble out of trouble.

The Buckeye wasn’t able to scramble away from the arm injury and it likely means Ohio State will need to scramble itself to salvage its National Title hopes. Ranked in the preseason top 5 this year, a brand new college football playoff scheme will take the top 4 teams at the end of the season and determine the National Champion.

OSU was considered one of the favorites to participate in that playoff thanks in large part to Miller. Now the team will put a red-shirt freshman quarterback under center to open the season.

Just what exactly is next for Braxton is a bit up in the air with this latest setback. The quarterback does apparently have a $1 million insurance policy should he no longer be able to play football.

Whether or not Miller is going to be comfortable deciding he won’t play football at any level again has yet to be seen. It’s possible the OSU star could decide he wants to try and go pro next year when he’s completely healthy, but that will be an uphill climb.

One report says Miller hurt his shoulder throwing a routine pass and was not hit. That doesn’t seem to bode well for him being able to bounce back from this and play quarterback in the NFL.

Braxton Miller originally hurt his shoulder at the end of last year during his team’s bowl game against Clemson.