You Will Be Amazed At The ‘Transformations’ These Homeless People In India Have Received From A Youth Group

India is home to more than 1.3 Billion souls. Sure there are many who are homeless and penniless. While it is quite easy to spare a few pennies and feel good about having done a ‘good deed’, a youth group in Hyderabad, a huge bustling metropolitan city, is transforming the lives of these lost and desolate souls by offering them a makeover.

A youngsters group, who call themselves the ‘Transformers’, is trying to offer a new lease of life for the homeless and underprivileged who do not have money to feed themselves, let alone spend on grooming. The Hyderabad’s Youngistaan Foundation has quite literally, expanded the notion of ‘One act of random kindness’ and undertaken the task of making the world just a little better for those in need.

The Transformers go out on the streets and help the homeless by giving them hygienic and cosmetic makeovers. They thoroughly bathe them, give them decent haircuts, clip their overgrown nails, help them with clean clothes and give them a transformation like no other. These homeless often do not have money for basic hygiene practices like washing and cleaning. Their hair is mottled and clothes are utterly filthy.

The group effectively makes a new person out of the scruffy individual that earlier, people would have shunned or walked right past without giving a second glance. So far, the Transformers have only cleaned and groomed men, but helped street-children and their female guardians too. Though one might think that a single makeover doesn’t suffice since they might relapse to their former self, the group gives each of these individuals a kit so they can keep themselves clean for a week. The volunteers also try to keep in touch with them regularly, reported NDTV.

The volunteers have shot and compiled a video that chronicles the transformation of an elderly beggar. While the video showcases the amazing visual alteration that the man goes through, it is truly commendable what the youth have pledged to do and spend their weekend transforming lives of the underprivileged. The Transformers group doesn’t seek professional help in grooming these poor and hungry souls because they firmly believe that no professional would touch these people even with a ten-foot pole.

Unfortunately the group hasn’t shared the exact number of transformations that they have achieved, but it does participate in making meals for over 800 homeless people every weekend, reported StoryPick. The group’s only intention behind doing this is same as their slogan, ‘Stop blaming. Start doing

[Image Credit | YouTube]