‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Episode 4×24 Brings Tears, Harsh Words And Choreography Scrambling

Mackenzie Ziegler of 'Dance Moms'

Episode 4×24 of Dance Moms airs Tuesday night on TLC, and it looks like it’s going to have some pretty tough moments. Abby Lee Miller is known for her harsh words toward the girls, but some think she takes it too far in “Abby-phobic” airing on Aug. 19.

The show’s Facebook page shares a Dance Moms spoiler preview that shows Miller demonstrating some “tough love” toward Mackenzie. The dancer is supposed to dance in a way that demonstrates being afraid of bugs, and she can’t quite get the feel that Miller wants. She tears up and says she’s trying as hard as she can, and Abby starts laughing at her. This upsets Mackenzie even more, and Abby yells that she thinks the girl is being ridiculous.

Abby tells Mackenzie to leave the studio and makes fun of her as she walks out. The crying girl goes up to talk to her mom, who tells her to stop crying, reinforcing that she thinks it’s ridiculous. She says that Mackenzie has to toughen up. As this is happening, Holly is trying to give her a pep talk, telling her to go in there and show Abby what she’s capable of doing.

The preview also shows Dance Moms spoilers that Maddie is expected to step up and choreograph a dance for the ALDC girls, something that came up initially in episode 4×23. Unfortunately, it seems it’s not going well. Christi says that the situation is nuts even by Abby’s standards, and it seems they’re scrambling to put a piece together before it’s time to perform.

The synopsis at TV Guide adds a few additional details laying out what “Abby-phobic” viewers can expect. The ALDC team is headed to Virginia to compete, and they will be facing off against Studio Bleu. Jade and her mom Loree will be there with the Elite Team for the week, and everybody is shocked when the group dance is tossed away and a new phobia-related dance is thrown together at the last minute. It seems this new dance is where the Facebook preview comes into play.

What other Dance Moms spoilers are available? The show’s Wikia page notes that this will seemingly be a pretty tough week for the ALDC dancers in the Imagine National Dance Challenge competition. The group dance will be named “Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself,” and the group comes in second place. Apparently Studio Bleu takes first place.

Chloe does a solo, though it isn’t clear what place she takes. Jade also does a solo, and Kaeli Ware’s “Proud” performance takes first place. As it happens, though, Kaeli competed against the ALDC, as she danced with Studio Bleu. Apparently, according to the Dance Moms spoilers Instagram page, Mackenzie ends up not competing in this one at all. Though it doesn’t seem for certain, it sounds as if Jade may end up in second place with Chloe in third place.

Will Abby Lee Miller go to far in this week’s episode? Who manages to pull together the group dance, and why does it become such a scattered project? Tune in to episode 4×24 of Dance Moms airing on Lifetime on Tuesday, Aug. 19 to see just what happens.

[Image via Scott Gries/Lifetime]