Jared Leto Offends Fashion Police While Breaking The Actual Law

Jared Leto may be feeding his rock star and A-list personality a little by ignoring the rules that other people are encouraged to follow.

Jared was out breaking the law on Sunday by taking a bicycle ride on the sidewalk in SoHo, according to Gothamist.

Apparently Leto was unaware or did not care that the NYPD gives out more tickets for a joy ride on a bike down the sidewalk than it does for racing down the streets in a car. Gothamist reports that riding on a bike down the sidewalk is something that the NYPD is looking for during a two-week hunt for bicyclists who are actively breaking the law.

Jared Leto

While Jared Leto was out breaking the law, he apparently didn’t want to be noticed. He wore a black fedora over his famous locks and baggy pants held up by drawstrings. Jared was also showing off a ripped-up shirt that most second-hand stores would proudly reject even though it costs about $195.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jared’s worn-out shirt is actually a designer piece from a Los Angeles-based designer, Henri Alexander. The t-shirt is emblazoned with the words “enfants riches deprimes” across the chest and means “depressed rich kids.”

If you are wondering why anyone would want to purchase a shirt that costs more than 10 brand-new t-shirts without holes, the t-shirt’s website explains that the shirt is 100 percent fine gauge cotton and hand screen printed and distressed.

While the shirt may be a work of art to some and a waste of money to others, Leto obviously has enough confidence and money to go around not to worry about it. The Oscar winner is one of the few that can pull off a scraggly and messy appearance and still look amazing while doing it.

Since Jared can drop almost $200 for a shirt that looks like it has seen way better days, a fine for biking on the sidewalk is probably nothing to be scared of in the least. The fine probably costs half the price of the designer shirt.

While the possible threat of a summons for breaking the law by riding a bike around the sidewalks of Manhattan wasn’t enough for him to think twice about it, someone might want to inform Jared Leto about the “Don’t Be A Jerk” bike safety campaign to encourage safe, responsible biking.

Do you think that Jared Leto should keep his bike off the sidewalk, or do you think it’s really not a big deal?

[Images via Splash News and Pacific Coast News]