‘Batman V Superman’: Henry Cavill On Set In Superman Costume [Photos]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s Henry Cavill finally making his first appearance on the Batman v Superman set. On Tuesday, he was seen wearing a black robe over his Superman costume, much like that Star Wars photo director Zack Snyder shared on Twitter right before Comic Con. Remember the one?

Cavill’s first on-set photos made their debut late Monday and followed a string of pics of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, which were posted by several lucky individuals in the last weeks. Henry is looking just as he did for Man of Steel, tall, dark, and super handsome in his black robe, which hides any new details of his costume for Batman v Superman.

Even though we don’t have any background information on the script, we do know that Batman and Superman are not friends and have a relationship that’s antagonistic on some level. Zack Snyder took the letter S out to make it sound less confrontational and we now know it as simply Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The fact that Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne has been seen on set in the person of Ben Affleck, and now Superman makes a showing, can indicate several things. Perhaps Supes is rescuing Bruce Wayne from all that devastation? This could possibly indicate that this is how the two superheroes become friends.

But of course, this is just conjecture at this time and until we get some official Batman v Superman storyline, we won’t know for sure. Filming does not necessarily progress in a linear fashion, so Henry’s scene could have nothing to do with Affleck’s. This is the first time the two make an appearance together in movies, so Snyder is working with a fresh canvas.

Here are the first photos of Henry Cavill on the Batman v Superman set as he reprises his role from Man of Steel in the new blockbuster.

Are you excited yet? So far, the only photos of Cavill we’ve seen are the Star Wars tease shared by Snyder on Twitter (same robe) and the ones from his surprise appearance at Comic Con last month.

Henry Cavill at Comic Con 2014
Image via Henry Cavill News

Now that we have seen Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel himself on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we can look forward to more goodies from the Zack Snyder production as they continue filming in Detroit. The cast and crew will move to Chicago in October, as well as Plano, Illinois.

[Image via Fallen Phoenix/Deviantart and Twitter]