Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Reunited After Two Month Break Up?


Are Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart banging again—we mean, back together again? According to the latest report from TMZ,‘Big Booty’ vixen Jennifer Lopez was seen in an expensive car with former boy toy Casper Smart. According to the latest report, Jennifer, who was riding on the passengers side of a convertible BMW, seemed calm until she realized that she had been spotted by a photographer. Once she realized the photographer was about to snap the money shot, she ducked her head in an attempt to avoid the camera.

Here is what the informant told Us Magazine about the encounter.

“Casper was driving and J.Lo was in the passenger seat. They had the music on loud and were both grooving to the music and laughing together.”

The informant goes on to say that once Jennifer Lopez saw the cameraman, she began “sliding down as low as she could in her seat so she wouldn’t be seen. Casper put the top up and then they went back to her house.”

Now we know why the former Selena actress ducked. It is because she knows good and well that no one would be happy about a redo with Casper, especially not her mother. In fact, the possibility that she might be getting it on with Casper again makes makes everyone cringe, especially her fans.

He was just never a good match for her,” said one Jennifer Lopez fan.

“She doesn’t look happy with him,” stated another Jlo fan.

The question is what would make a beautiful actress with so many options available choose to date Casper Smart, let alone reunite with him after a much needed break up. Let’s face it. Jennifer Lopez was not at her best when she was with Casper. He was obviously very young, not just in age, but in mentality—not even close to Jennifer Lopez’ level in maturity, nor in stature….oops!

Friends of Jennifer Lopez are not surprised since the couple is said to have broken up in June on good terms. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smarts ended their relationship when it was rumored that Casper had been with a transsexual model, according to a previous report by Inquisitr. Casper Smart has always strongly denied the allegations.

In any event, fans believe that Jennifer Lopez will rethink her choice. The public is hopeful that those ‘Jennifer Lopez is dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy’ rumors are true. And who knows, some say Jennifer Lopez should be open to dating a woman. That’s right—adding a female to the mix. Now that’s one she hasn’t tried.