Justin Bieber Goes Hiking With Bed Hair As Boxing Training Continues

Justin Bieber had what some are calling a “bad hair day,” or more likely a “bed hair day,” when the singer went on an early hike on Tuesday. Inevitably, the Biebs’ non-camera ready moments were captured by paparazzi.

Justin Bieber, like most uber celebrities, isn’t like most people.

If he falls out of bed, decides to go on an early hike and doesn’t spend hours grooming his locks into pompadour perfection, millions will have an opinion on his hair because paps take pictures.

Such was the case Tuesday, when Bieber and his crew ventured out into the Hollywood Hills. The singer was seen wearing a white tank, white long shorts and bright green sneakers and was joined by an equally sportily-clad aspiring rapper pal Lil Za.

From pictures, the 20-year-old looked none too pleased to be spotted by paparazzi.

Reasons may be less to do with being seen with hair that resembled a cockatoo, and more to do with Bieber being upset that his scenic fitness route had been discovered by snappers.

Justin Bieber

(Photos: Justin Bieber on an early hike with his crew in Hollywood Hills, Tuesday, August 19.)

Justin Bieber Hiking

For almost a week shutterbugs didn’t know where the singer was after he left the Beverly Hills condo he’d rented a penthouse and another unit in, after falling out with residents over noise from his partying.

But, reports soon surfaced that Bieber was renting a swish, new pad in Hollywood Hills.

The “Baby” star posted Instagram videos this past weekend of himself lip-syncing to Meghan Trainor’s viral hit “All About That Bass,” while reportedly back on girlfriend Selena Gomez is seen laughing in the background in an outside location.

And it seems Justin’s efforts to sightsee his new Hollywood Hills surroundings continues.

According to Realty Today, Justin is renting his a 16,000-square-foot “glass palace” for the not inconsiderable sum of $29,500 a month. It’s believed the singer’s lease is a short one.

The three-storey, 10-bedroom property, comes with an 80 foot nightclub, ping pong and pool tables, a swimming pool, three bars, space for a state of the art gym and is fully furnished in a high-end, modern style.

It’s also sited some distance from neighbors, which should mean an end to noise disputes.

Justin Bieber's New Rental

(Photo: The singer’s new Hollywood Hills rental lit up at night to spectacular effect.)

Earlier that same Tuesday, the singer posted an Instagram video of himself getting in some boxing training with one of his bodyguards.

It’s the second sparring clip the entertainer has shared in five days and may reignite non-serious rumors he’s prepping for a rematch with Orlando Bloom after their infamous Ibiza showdown.

Justin captioned his video. “Messing around.”

Just the night before, the singer was spotted in a pair of bright pink sneakers as he dashed inside the Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood.

Justin Bieber At The Laugh Factory Comedy Store

(Photo: Bieber running into the famed comedy store, Monday, August 18.)

These Bieber sightings follow a weekend he spent with actress-singer Selena, amid reports claiming the couple are referring to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend once again and now committed to their shared Christian faith and being healthy together.

[Images via KMM/X17Online.com/MailOnline.]