Peeping Tom Video: Woman Videotapes Creepy Man Peeking In Bedroom Window [Video]

Peeping Tom Wanted

A Peeping Tom video is going viral on YouTube this week after a 37-year-old Massachusetts woman shared surveillance video of a man looking through her bedroom window. The Boston Globe reports that the woman, who is remaining anonymous due to safety concerns, set up a surveillance camera in her home three weeks ago after her boyfriend told her that he saw a suspicious man peeking in the window of her first floor bedroom.

It took several weeks for the woman to catch an image of the man on tape. After her boyfriend reported that the man ran away from the window when he was spotted last month, the woman contacted the management at her apartment building on Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton, MA. Security bars, alarms and a security camera were installed and, for a few weeks, there was no sign of the man.

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2014, Boston Police reported that they were dispatched to the woman’s home at 12:35 p.m. after she called to report that she recorded a Peeping Tom looking through her bedroom window. She also informed police about the first incident her boyfriend witnessed and an incident earlier in the month when she heard “rustling” in the bushes outside her living room window.

When officers arrived on the scene, she told them she had just checked the surveillance video and saw an image of a man looking in her window. Her blinds were reportedly left open to let the nighttime breeze in while she showered.

“After I got out of the shower Tuesday night I decided to check the camera, and all of a sudden I saw the footage of a man peering through my bedroom window while I was in the shower a few windows down. I couldn’t eat all day yesterday, I just wanted to throw up at the thought.”

The victim of this Peeping Tom incident told police that she does not think the man tried to break into her apartment, but she cannot be sure he won’t try in the future. She decided to share the video with the friends and the police, hoping the man would be recognized on social media if it went viral.

The video, posted on the Boston Police Department’s YouTube channel, has been viewed over 124,000 times since it was posted last week. The woman who caught the Peeping Tom on video is not living in her apartment at this time and tells the Boston Globe that she will not return until the man is captured by police.

“It’s not fair that now I can’t keep my blinds open to let some sunlight in or sleep with the windows open to let in a nighttime breeze. This is not the way things should be.”

The Boston Police Department is asking for help in solving the Peeping Tom case. Please share the video on social media and contact the police if you recognize the man who appears in the nine second video. Detectives assigned to the case can be reached at (617) 343-4256.