Sarcastic #JustLikeTheDetroitFlood Tweets Let Off Steam At Gov. Snyder's Expense

It's been a few days since Governor Rick Snyder compared the flooding devastation in Detroit with water damage to his lake house, but the #JustLikeTheDetroitFlood tweets are still trickling in. Residents were furious about the comparison Michigan's governor made. Inquisitr covered the details of the governors' inappropriate comparison of suffering in a previous article.

The governor has been to visit the flood damaged areas, according to The Telegraph. He has already asked the state insurance commissioner to look into the devastation. He has contacted officials at the state and federal level regarding the hardships caused by the flood. Even still, social media can be relentless.

#JustLikeTheDetroitFlood tweets popped up right after Snyder's radio debacle. The hashtag, which sarcastically berated Governor Snyder, even managed to trend on Twitter. The whole nation joined Detroit in finding comparisons that were, more or less, "just like the Detroit flood". Here are some of the highlights from those tweets:

Then, just as the sarcastic tweets started to die down, on Sunday, Governor Synder took the the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. WKZO reported that Snyder was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Art Van Elslander, Art Van Furniture's founder and chairman.

MLIVE reported:

"The ALS Association, crediting the Ice Bucket Challenge, announced Sunday that it had received $13.3 million in donations between July 29 and August 17, up from $1.7 million during the same time period last year."

Unfortunately for Governor Snyder, who was simply trying to do a good deed to support ALS sufferers, Detroit's sarcasm doesn't subside as fast as water from a lake house's leaky ceiling. Governor Snyder's Ice Bucket Challenge was, according to relentlessly sarcastic social media users, "#JustLikeTheDetroitFlood."

[Featured photo adapted from Dsw4 on Wiki Commons]