Does Michelle Money Leave ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Without Finding Love?

Michelle Money is desperate to find love on Bachelor in Paradise but she’s off to a rocky start. When Marquel Martin hinted last week that he wasn’t all that interested in her and called her out for drinking too much, she quickly set her eyes on Robert Graham.

After consulting with her ex-boyfriend, Graham Bunn, she suddenly realizes that her love for the name “Graham” is a good reason to go after Robert. She and Clare plan a double date with Robert and Zack and fool the guys into thinking it was a coincidence that they ended up on a candlelit beach together.

Meanwhile, Sarah Herron is heartbroken and alone because Robert was the only man in the house that she felt she had a chance with. She expresses the fact that she doesn’t have the confidence that the other women do and decides to lay low instead of forcing herself into a relationship, something that Michelle Money does not seem to have a problem with.

Is Robert really into Michelle or is he just going through the motions? She makes it clear that she is on Bachelor in Paradise to find a husband, but Robert may want to expand his options a bit. After all, there are plenty of women to choose from and Michelle seems to be scaring him off with her eagerness to become an item so quickly.


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Episode 3 ends with Robert making a smart move and giving his rose to Sarah, leaving Michelle temporarily devastated. Fortunately, Chris Bukowski gives Michelle his rose before he leaves Tulum due to an injured knee. He takes Elise with him and Michelle is now free to explore a relationship with yet another man, if there is one left to choose from.

Will Michelle really find true love on Bachelor in Paradise or has she exhausted her options with Marquel and Robert? Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Michelle does find love and next week fans will see her start a relationship with Cody Sattler, who is the next guy to arrive in Tulum. Cody hails from Andi’s season of The Bachelorette and if rumors are true, he and Michelle are one of two couples who are still in a relationship now that filming has wrapped up.

Do you think Michelle Money is trying too hard to find a man on a reality show or is it possible that she will finally make a connection after appearing on several Bachelor franchise shows? Tune in August 25 for Episode 4 of Bachelor in Paradise on ABC.