Accused Robber Ezekial Deanda Tries Unusual Disguise For Heist, Be Glad You Weren’t There

Ezekial Deanda

Maybe Ezekial Deanda was counting on not being recognized once he put some clothes on. Or maybe he felt he could be more nimble if he had to run from police while in the nude. Who knows what was going through the 32-year-old, Rockford, Illinois, man’s mind when he walked up to a teller at Associated Bank in that town on Friday.

Deanda robbed the bank while completely naked, police say.

But the cops say that Deanda did not threaten the teller with violence, which as naked male criminals go, would set him apart from the man who was arrested earlier this year after he stripped naked on a public street, leaped through the sun roof of a passing car, and assaulted the woman behind the wheel.

It was about 11:30 am on Friday morning when Deanda walked into the bank, according to Rockford Police Sergeant Harold Combs. No one noticed a naked man walking around on the street, or at first, in the bank lobby. So it appears that Deanda stripped down to his bare essentials at some point after entering the bank.

According to one report, Deanda went down into the bank’s basement, emerging upstairs again in about 10 minutes. Only this time, he was completely naked.

Deanda then approached the teller and demanded cash, according to police and witness accounts. The teller complied, handing over an amount of money that police have not yet made public.

With his alleged criminal mission accomplished, the fully nude Ezekial Deanda made his escape from the bank’s lobby. But rather than flee naked into the street, he returned to the Associated Bank basement.

Police caught him there in a rest room, as he was getting dressed again.

Deanda did not go quietly, though he was now dressed again. The man now known as the Nude Bank Robber refused to be apprehended, fighting back against the arresting officers. He allegedly struck one officer and spit on the police as well.

Ultimately, Deanda was arrested and charged not only with the nude bank robbery, but with resisting arrest as well. There was no word on whether police planned to charge him with indecent exposure, but Ezekial Deanda was scheduled to appear in court at 1:30 pm Monday afternoon, so some answers may soon be forthcoming.