Blizzard announces PayPal support for Diablo III,

In news that should come as no surprise after the auction house announcement, Blizzard announced today that PayPal will be their payment-service for the Diablo III auction house.

With the introduction of PayPal as an option for the auction house will also come the ability to play for Blizzard goods and services all across The service will be available in "many" regions, Blizzard said, but they weren't willing to say which ones were excluded.

The Diablo III auction house, announced last month, allows players to sell and buy virtual items straight from within Diablo III for real-life cash or, if you prefer, in-game gold.

But don't expect the auction house to be flooded with useless items up for sale for real cash; in an attempt to stop that very thing from happening - and to make some money in the process - Blizzard will be charging a small fee for listing an item up on the auction house.

The news that players will be able to buy items with real-life cash, this time through legitimate means, wasn't particularly well-received among Blizzard's fanbase, to put it lightly. Players argue that being able to buy items potentially upsets the balance of PVP, which Blizzard is putting a focus on with Diablo III's arena-like PVP modes.

Diablo III is expected to go into beta sometime this month.

Source: Blizzard