Open Carry Marches Should Be Stopped, Texas Democrat Says

Open carry and gun rights marches “need to end” according to Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee. Lee, the Representative from Houston, drew mocking comments earlier this year when she referenced the Constitution as being 400 years old.

The gun control advocate stated at a weekend event that a gun rights group need not bother attempting to reschedule an Open Carry Texas march through Houston’s Fifth War political subdivision. The comments were made after the Texas Second Amendment group had to postpone a planned demonstration. Sheila Jackson Lee and other gun control activists gathered together to voice opposition to the open carry groups effort to raise awareness about shotgun and rifle open carry laws in Texas, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Sheila Jackson Lee had this to say about the Open Carry Texas march in Houston:

“We come in peace. On behalf of many thousands who live in this community that are minding their daily business. Open Carry’s efforts need to stop, need to be canceled, they need to end.”

After the Democrat’s remarks, backlash soon ensured on social media. Posters noted that the gun control advocate and elected official did not seem to mind insinuating that the free speech and freedom of assembly rights of the Second Amendment group should be abridged.

According to the Chronicle, Houston’s Fifth Ward is a traditionally black neighborhood and Open Carry Texas decided to hold a gun rights march in the area after being chastised for allegedly hosting Second Amendment events in only “rich white neighborhoods.”

Open Carry Texas leader C.J. Grisham said, “We also want to work with the minority community to get them more involved in their right to legally bear arms.” The gun rights group decided against holding the march as scheduled only after warnings that residents would bring their own guns to the event if Open Carry Texas came to their community.


“We are certainly not a community that is looking for the ability to carry an AR-15. There is an epidemic plaguing black men in this country. AR-15s, carrying them is not in any way a positive for the children that are in this community” Sheila Jackson Lee said. In a post on her personal Facebook page the Texas gun control advocate added, “Open carry does nothing to stem violence and protect the lives of citizens. It is a lonely issue looking for a family. They should join the neighborhoods for a rally to promote improved health care, create better jobs and higher wages and prove quality schools. Otherwise, this rally should never happen.”

Of course Jackson Lee’s comment that legally owning a gun an American citizen has been trained does not enhance personal safety and self-defense options, irritated and flabbergasted many Second Amendment supporters.

What do you think about Sheila Jackson Lee telling Open Carry Texas and gun rights groups they are not welcome to march in Houston?

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