Jackie Chan’s Son, Jaycee Chan Arrested For Drugs

Jackie Chan’s son has been arrested in Beijing for possession of marijuana. Jaycee Chan was present at a drug bust which involved Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, star of You Are the Apple of My Eye.

While the U.S. is still struggling state by state to legalize the medical use of marijuana, apparently the use of the drug is still worth an arrest in China. Even being related to a movie star who shared screen time and possible fake marijuana smoke with Chris Tucker isn’t enough to get you out of trouble in Beijing.

Marijuana is still considered a drug by governments across the world, despite it having been proven harmless by itself. The harmlessness of pot is the reason why it has been approved by the medical industry to be used to treat pain for chronic conditions.

Apparently 32-year-old Chan was caught in his own home in possession of over three and a half ounces of the drug, and tested positive for it in his system, according to official records. The dealer, only known as Mr. Song, was also arrested in the drug bust.

Jackie Chan‘s son was allegedly not using the drug for medical reasons.

Jaycee Chan has been called lazy by his own father, and the marijuana may have contributed to it. In a 2010 interview Jackie Chan jokingly told the media that he would trade his son for Will Smith‘s son. He claimed he tried to teach the boy Kung Fu and Jaycee said he didn’t want to end up like Bruce Lee’s son.

Jaycee ended up being a music producer, but it seems he still fell in with the wrong crowd. This drug bust is part of a chain of Chinese crackdowns where performers of all kinds are part of a boycott for the use of marijuana. Jackie Chan’s son may have felt he was safe from the charges after having lived a lavish lifestyle in his father’s shadow.

The son of the martial arts superstar grew up with everything handed to him. Expensive cars, the best education, and even luxury vacations and mansions were all part of Jaycee’s childhood as the son of a martial arts superstar. Sadly as a result of his father’s opinion that he’s lazy, Jaycee Chan is inheriting none of his father’s fortune.

Combine that with his arrest for possession and use of marijuana, and he may end up having to work his way back to the top with a criminal record.

What do you think of Jackie Chan’s son having been arrested for marijuana possession and usage?

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