San Francisco City Planners Push For Bird Safe Buildings

City planners in San Francisco are attempting to save the lives of countless birds by pushing for “bird safe building requirements.” According to planners countless birds are smashing into windows and dying every year.

While the law sounds like something that would originate in San Francisco, similar laws already exist in Chicago and even Toronto.

The plan would require that transparent or reflective glass windows are axed in favor of materials that won’t confuse birds.

The issue is a serious one for wildlife experts, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, up to one billion birds die each year as they smash into the transparent windows of various buildings.

A study of bird deaths in San Francisco has not been conducted and when asked how many birds die each year because of the city’s buildings Michael Lynes with the Golden Gate Audubon Society told ABCLocal:

“Well, we really can’t say without conducting a study here, but we know there are several.”

Under the proposal buildings would be required to use frosted panes, netting, screens and other methodology to warn birds that the surface they are flying towards is not passable.

Some building’s going up inside city limits are already employing the new “bird safe” measures ahead of being required.

In the meantime CBS Local News points out that some critics find the new law to be vague and ultimately costly, architect Emily Bello tells the news station that it doesn’t make sense to enact such a law:

“During a tenuous economic climate in a city that’s already very difficult to build in.”

Do you think the bird safe building regulations are a good idea or a waste of money?