‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: ‘Renom Rule’ Twitter Hashtag Goes Viral Via Ariana Grande, Will It Matter?

Updated: As expected, Frankie Grande pulled Caleb off the block and put up Zach, despite the “#RenomRule” outcry on social media. At this point, things do not look good for Zach unless he can win the competition Thursday against the other jury members and regain entry to the Big Brother 16 house.

Monday the Power of Veto ceremony will take place in the Big Brother 16 house, and fans are anxious to see how this plays out. Sunday night as the latest episode aired on CBS, the hashtag “#RenomRule” went viral on Twitter. As of Monday morning, it’s still there. Could this “rule” shake things up in terms of plans for the week 8 eviction? Fans want Big Brother spoilers, and there’s a lot to go through.

As Reality Blurred notes, the “Renom Rule” is that in Big Brother, supposedly a houseguest cannot be told ahead of time that they are going to be nominated. Frankie Grande is both HOH and the POV holder, and he’s said he is going to take Caleb off the block and put Zach up in his place. In addition, Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicate that Frankie made it clear he wanted Zach to know ahead of time.

As Big Brother Network notes, Sunday night Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds revealed that Zach asked Frankie if he was still putting Victoria up as the renomination in Monday’s POV ceremony. Frankie couldn’t look Zach in the eye, which rightfully made him nervous. Zach told Donny he was feeling nervous, but Donny didn’t admit that this is the plan.

A bit later, Zach told Frankie that he wouldn’t put him up or vote him up. Frankie said that everybody else in the house wants Zach out. Frankie told Derrick that he told Zach he was going up and was targeted. Frankie and Zach also talked about the possibility of a houseguest coming back. While they don’t know this, viewers know that there is indeed a houseguest coming back Thursday.

So now Zach does know he’s going up on the block, and that’s where the #RenomRule hashtag comes into place. There is a common understanding, and it seemed that Amber even read details regarding this from the rule book earlier this season, that a Head of Household cannot tell someone they are going up. However, this rule is skirted frequently and even was earlier this season. In addition, interestingly, former Big Brother player Britney Haynes tweeted, “#renomrule doesn’t exist!” One would think that Britney would know.

The thing here is that there is a precedent for the “Renom Rule” being enforced, albeit not consistently. During season 12 as Hamsterwatch noted, Brendon Villegas told Britney Haynes she would be nominated. Supposedly he was then forced by production to choose new nominees. Frankie’s sister Ariana Grande sure knows about the supposed renom rule, and she thinks Frankie is using it as a tool to perhaps make it look like he’s going along with the house, but ultimately, change plans and keep blood off his hands.

Ariana tweeted, “F&Z are getting along + F was oddly persistent about telling Z. he knows the rules. I think / hope he has something up his sleeve #RenomRule.” Despite the fact that the hashtag is still trending on Twitter, it seems unlikely production will force a change on this one. Whether it’s truly a rule or not, and some online say that the UK version of Big Brother has the rule where the US version does not, potential nominees are frequently told that they’re going up, and the “rule” is virtually never enforced.

By the looks of things, Zach Rance will be going up later Monday in the Power of Veto ceremony, and at this point, he is definitely the target. While some would be wise to either push to get Derrick on the block instead of Zach or vote to evict Cody, nobody seems to be thinking along those lines. Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the week continues and see if anybody shakes things up before the eviction. Thursday night, one houseguest will be evicted, but the jury members will fight for a chance to get back into the Big Brother 16 house.

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